online classes


Week beginning Monday 17th June 2024

 If you would like to join us or have any questions about our online or community classes please get in touch with us via the contact page

Our current online programme is as follows;

Monday 17th               6pm Jerusha                                                                  
Tuesday 18th                9am Jerusha                   
Wednesday 19th          9am Andrew    6pm Andrew                                                     
Friday       21st             9am Jerusha   
Sunday  23rd  
             10am pranayama – Andrew

When you join our Yoga you will get the opportunity to explore the many aspects of Classical Yoga. We are currently alternating the teaching of most classes. Whilst we share much of the same perspectives on Yoga we each bring our particular interpretations, personalities and experiences to the mat. In this way we hope to communicate the wide range of possibilities inherant in a Yoga practice.


Online classes

We are offering a range of morning, evening and weekend sessions. Sign-up is on a weekly basis and your payment covers you for any or all classes during that week. Please contact us for further details.

Community Classes

These classes are suitable for most people. It is possible to join the class at any time if there is space. All community classes need to be booked and are £32 for 4 classes. Please refer to our Covid policy for current booking conditions

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