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We run Yoga classes in Falmouth and Cornwall. We also offer Massage, Bodywork and Meditation.


We run Yoga classes in Falmouth

My yoga practice is based in a practical approach that has sustained and supported me through pregnancy, family life and now living as a mid-life woman. It is not about shape making, but the ways that we can work with breath, awareness and gravity to feel more at ease with our lives and our bodies.

I have been teaching now for 15 years and in my classes I explore how it feels to be human in a body that holds tension and mind that can easily become distracted. But within this space we can find movement and freedom that then allows new insights into ourselves and our lives. My classes are about integrating the whole of the self in a playful and pragmatic yoga practise, taking it out of class and living more comfortably with ourselves and our world.

I have purposely trained with a variety of disciplines including the Himalayan Institute, Sandra Sabatini, Angela Farmer, Don Stapleton and a variety of forms of bodywork as a way to keep diversity and variety in my practice. I bring elements of all of these into my classes and I want to make the process of yoga accessible to all.


We run Yoga classes in Falmouth

I have been practising Yoga for over thirty years and teaching for the past twenty. My practise and teaching is grounded in the simple qualities of presence, awareness and sensitivity. In both my own practise and in my teaching I use classical practices and contemporary movement ideas to explore our ways of moving and being in the world. I do this through a process of experimentation, improvisation and playfulness; trusting that our innate relationship with our bodies will guide us through the possibilities and limitations alike.

For me, Yoga is about how we can remain compassionate, creative and sane in the postmodern world. My practise and teaching both examine the nature and construction of self, and the ways in which we ‘story’ our lives and meet the various challenges that life offers.

My training has embraced a number of schools of Yoga and Bodywork but i am guided by my intuition and feel that the universe is the best teacher. I am strongly influenced by Zen and Ayurvedic thought and in both my Yoga and bodywork I explore how we can live in harmony with our own nature as unique human beings.

I am a practising artist, using word and image to explore the complexities of being and the simplicity of practice.

What We Do

We run Yoga classes in Falmouth. In our yoga classes we explore what it means to live in a human body…

we offer your body a range of asanas (postures) that consciously encourage alignment, engage with gravity and stimulate the breath, allowing you to become more aware of your body and the way it moves.

we encourage the basic desire for your body to stretch and to play with movement because this is what our bodies are designed to do and to stretch deeply and slowly can be a wonderful pleasure…

we help you to bring awareness to your breath, because breath is life and because releasing and opening the breath helps us to feel better and to let go all manner of physical and emotional stresses.

and we let you rest because rest helps all the other things we do make sense. Deep rest restores our tissue and cells, clears the mind and calms the soul. Rest lets the body do the best possible job of looking after itself.

On our day retreats we simply introduce more time to the process so that we can explore movement, breath and activity in greater detail and with more attention paid to places in the bodymind where we might feel stuck. We also introduce the opportunity to raise questions and issues that we might not get the time to in class.

On our weekend retreat we add a further dimension to all of the above. By immersing ourselves in the practises for a whole weekend we can further explore the relationship our Yoga has to our lives in general. Here we get the chance to let go of stress on a deeper level, re-set our intentions in life and share the Yoga process with others.

We jointly teach both Yoga days and retreats.

In a Bodywork session Andrew will create an individual ‘hands-on’ treatment session that will explore your relationship to your body and your wider self. By using a combination of massage, stretch, reflexology and intuitive touch he will help release physical and emotional tensions and restore clarity and a sense of groundedness.


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