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Bodywork appointments will resume soon. Please contact us if you are interested in a session.

I offer Therapeutic Massage and Intuitive Bodywork treatments. I have over 20 years experience in various somatic traditions. Although each modality is different, both draw deeply on my experience in Ayurveda, Yoga, reflexology and other disciplines.

Therapeutic Massage.

This draws on my training in traditional Swedish Massage. It is also influenced by Ayurvedic principles and my experience as a Yoga teacher and reflexologist over the past 20 years.

Massage in Falmouth

Each massage session includes a discussion and assessment of your needs. This takes into account your health history, lifestyle and temperment.

The massage will use oils and will be personalised to respond to specific tensions and discomforts in your body. My approach to massage is versatile, offering both gentle remedial techniques and deeper work where necessary. In my work i aim to attune to your bodys’ specific tone and texture and to facilitate integrity, release and balance.

I offer a free telephone consultation prior to booking. Appointments cost £45 for 75 minutes (including consultation). To make a booking or set up a call please message me on the contact page

Intuitive Bodywork

Massage in Falmouth

Intuitive Bodywork is a synthesis of my experience in massage, yoga, Ayurveda and reflexology, integrated over a period of over twenty years. Each Bodywork session is unique. As I have a number of perspectives from which to work I am able to respond intuitively to your body, adjusting my approach accordingly.

My approach is intuitive and eclectic and my experience is that the innate intelligence of the body awakens when we take time to listen to it.

My work is therefore led by the body’s memory, sensitivity and desire for health. I see the process more as a tactile conversation than a ‘treatment’ Your body can then begin to unravel its held tensions and find a more comfortable way of being.

I do this through the appropriate combination of hands on touch and massage, rhythmic movement and stretching, supporting and stabilising; drawing from any or all of the treatment modalities I have experience in.

As a Bodywork client you will be fully involved in the process that we begin. This will include an exploration of posture and how it relates to your personal history and current life situation. We will explore your feelings about how you breathe and how you respond to stress in your life.  I will also suggest ways in which you can engage in the Bodywork process by helping you understand your energetic makeup and how you can best embrace this in your life.

why choose Bodywork?

Bodywork can help with a wide range of health issues. It can also help you to maintain a good sense of groundedness and wellbeing. I have worked with a number of specific problems but you don’t have to be injured or unwell to benefit from the process.

I feel that I always work with a client’s whole sense of being. Together we can explore the physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological aspects of being human.

In my experience the Bodywork I do is helpful in many situations. These include back pain, muscular stiffness, joint pain, anxiety, post-surgery conditions, headaches and all tension related disorders.

I am a fully Qualified Masseur, Yoga teacher, Reflexologist and Ayurvedic health consultant.

These sessions generally take just over an hour and cost £45. You will as a rule be fully clothed, unless by mutual agreement I have suggested the use of massage oils. Sessions are fully confidential.


To find out how Bodywork or Massage might help you or to book a session please Contact me and I would be very glad to discuss your individual needs.

Andrew x

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