Therapeutic Massage

In addition to Bodywork treatments I also offer Therapeutic holistic Massage. This draws on my training in traditional Swedish Massage but is also influenced by Ayurvedic principles and my experience as a yoga teacher, reflexologist and bodyworker over the past 20 years.

Each massage session includes a discussion and assessment of your needs, taking into account your health history, lifestyle, temperment etc. The massage will use oils and will be personalised to respond to specific areas of tension or discomfort in your body. My approach to massage is versatile, offering both gentle remedial techniques and deeper work where necessary. in my work i aim to attune to your bodys’ specific tone and texture and to facilitate integrity, release and balance.

Where appropriate I am also happy to offer some feedback and postural advice. I also offer intuitive bodywork which further addresses lifestyle issues.

I offer a free telephone consultation prior to booking. Appointments cost £45 for 75 minutes (including consultation). To make a booking or set up a call please message me on the contact page